Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The scene is NOT dead! The people however....

Well, the site is officialy named! Welcome to thesceneisdead.com! We hope to showcase just the opposite, highlighting some of the more under the radar events in the area, and getting exposure out there for artists who just cant seem to catch a break in the one horse town that is Buffalo. 

The scene is definitely far from dead, and to be honest never died. Things took a major backburner in this area due to people playing favorites, cliques, and just general sketchy behavior. This goes for ALL types of music, not just electronica. 

Far too many good artists dont get the chance to showcase their talents around here because they arent friends with the right people, or they dont have the right look, or the clubs where they could get some exposure are just far too closed-minded about trying new things.

Nightclubs like LEVEL and QUOTE have stepped up in recent months, allowing mainstream electronica acts to play in their clubs from the SUDOKU events. And we have even seen a rave at a strip club, with another following this Saturday featuring Bad Boy Bill.

I will give a TON of credit to "MNM Presents" for really taking a step in the right direction with their events, bringing in some of the freshest talent, to some of the best venues in the area. I do have to take a stab at the "people" that attend their events though.

Since when did going out become more about wearing the most retarded clothing you could find in your mothers closet, the thrift store down the street, and rifling through some dead person's garbage? These "hipsters" or "glamorous" people are part of the downfall of the scene in Buffalo. 

Case in point- DJ Tittsworth played an event at the Soundlab this past Saturday. When I walked up to the door, I was astounded at the amount of people outside just hanging out. Even more shocking was when I went inside to see the place packed to the gills. The music was amazing, the sound was great, awesome visual displays, but there was one major downfall- The crowd. These kids were all about looking and acting as if they had all just escaped from a local metal ward on costume day. I've seen this crap before. We did it ourselves at one point but never really pushed it into the mainstream. They were called "clubkids". Showcased in the movie about Michael Alig "Party Monster". 

Every generation seems to have their useless group of people who want nothing more than to draw attention to themselves, but at the same time complain when you make fun of them. However for some un-godly reason, this nonsense is becoming the norm, while celebs and musicians have been doing this for years (trying to draw attention to themselves), now it is popping up in suburban America, shopping malls and obviously night clubs.

I guess I kind of got off on a tangent here, but truthfully, the scene is and always will be about the people. If these are the people that make up the scene, then maybe it truly is dead.

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