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November 22, 2008 - Cornucopia - Give Thanks and Rave! - Rochester, NY

Give Thanks and Rave!

Hey Ravers! Thanksgiving is a time when people of all walks of life come together and celebrate the best things in life. So that's what we're going to do! At Rave: Culture you heard us say there'd be another rave soon - here we go! Come join us as we present an international cast of characters worth being thankful for, including:

North America's number one MC and global hardcore legend, Rochester's own MC Jumper has been hyping crowds and tearing up the mic for over a decade, and this local hero is proud to witness the resurgence of hardcore right here in his own backyard!

MILO [TORONTO] - Lucky Breaks, Electromagnetic
He's back on home turf and ready to rock! Milo is no stranger to the North America rave circuit. One of the keystones in today's stateside hardcore scene, Milo has played clear across the USA and Canada pushing the new sound of hardcore to the masses. Whether he's in the studio, behind the scenes running NAHM and TSR, or up on the decks, no one can deny the passion and style he brings to the table

DJ Tranzit [TORONTO] - Future Perfect Synergy, Ravers Only,
For over 8 years, Tranzit has been a driving force in pushing the limits of conventional happy hardcore in North America . Constantly pioneering new and innovative mixing techniques paired with unique track selection, it's no surprise that he's played coast to coast for nearly every major event. A staple in the Ravers Only DJ Crew, you know it's only quality coming forward. Ladies, un-clasp those bras, because tonight he's bringing the upfront sound from Toronto town for a special set teamed up with Rochester's own MC Jumper.

DJ Candy Kid [NYC] - Vitus, Ravers Only
With his trademark exuberance and individual track selection, Candy Kid has made a name for himself as one of New York City's premier DJs. Don't miss this chance to catch him live right here in Rochester!

George who Spins Records [TORONTO] vs DJ Dynamic [ROCHESTER] - Nocturnal Commission, Embedded
You'd be hard pressed to find two people who know how to have more fun than these two! They've travelled the world to bring their trademark happy hardcore style to crowds everywhere, and now they're ready to return to Rochester to share with you!

Kix [ROCHESTER] - Just 4 you Productions, Nocturnal Commissions
Making smooth transitions between DnB, Dubstep, Hardcore and more, Kix seamlessly blends great tracks from every genre for top notch entertainment every time he plays!

Bliss [ROCHESTER] - Just 4 you Productions, Nocturnal Commissions
Do you like antems? You know you do! Bliss is Rochester's own anthem master - get ready to raise your hands and sing along!

Tiberius [ROCHESTER] - Just 4 you Productions

18+ to party / 21+ to drink (full bar)

$10 Pre-sales @ & more @ the door.
Call (585) 563-4387 for information / questions & pre-sales. Leave a message with your number or email address.

200 Free Glow sticks to the first 100 people!!!
Fresh Fruit & candy provided all night!!!
Venue has very high ceilings so feel free to bring your hoops and spin sticks!!!

PLUR and ROAR in effect!!!

It wasn't that long ago that Rochester was a hub of rave activity in North America. Well we're back, and we want YOU to be a part of it!

Friday, November 14, 2008


So as I'm sure most of you have heard by now (if you're in the area, if not, I'll reiterate), Extra! Extra! Happy Hardcore Returns to Buffalo! this weekend (November 14th - 16th for those of you reading this late) has been cancelled. There were some last minute venue issues that led to the cancellation of the party. It sucks pretty bad, but hey, these things happen. So anyways I thought to myself....the party's tomorrow......I had a pretty good idea what I was gonna play....why don't I record that shit and whack it online for everyone pissed off the party was cancelled.

So I did. And here it is.

I'm not 100% happy with it. Like I said it's a rough idea of what I was gonna play. The whole ending bit probably would've got hucked out the window in favor of some other tunes. I doubt I would've played Pacific Sun in it's entirety (I can personally only stand about 3 and a half minutes of it). And such and such. But this is what I had pulled out, so this is what you get.

I didn't really try too hard here. A few sloppy mixes. At one point I seem to recall hitting the jog wheel on the wrong CDJ. But meh. It's still a fun mix. At least I think so anyway.

So, on behalf of everyone involved with Extra! Extra!, we're sorry the party didn't get to happen. Here's some free music. Please don't kill us. Hahahahaha


I was booked to play 90 minutes, so this set is 90 minutes long. It will NOT fit on a CD. If you want to fit, chop it off after the last breakdown in Hey Jude. Or before Hey Jude. I know a lot of people don't like it. Aaaaaaaaaaaanyways!

Saiyan - Extra! Extra! (Left click to download)

Entity - Stargazer (Reese Remix) - CLSM
Michael Mansion featuring Alina and Reese - Real Love (Reese's Duet Mix) - K-12
Cube::Hard and Poison Rain - Stingray - Just Another Label
Billy "Daniel" Bunter and CLSM featuring Leah Symons - My Desire (Breaks to Kicks edit) - CLSM
Double Dutch - Bring The Noise - EDM Ultra
Ultrabeat vs Darren Styles - Discolights (Extended Mix/Darren Styles Hardcore Mix edit) - All Around The World
Emarr Gee - Apologize - Amplified Digital
Sion - Oh Oh Oh - Executive Sounds
Impact - The Finest - Ballistic Bootlegs
Sy and Unknown featuring Lou Lou - U R My Phantasy (Darren Styles Remix) - Quosh
Emarr Gee - Umbrella - Amplified Digital
Brisk and Ham featuring MC Whizzkidd - Crazy Love (Gammer Remix) - Next Generation
S3rl - Pretty Rave Girl (S3rl's Mixup) - Relentless
Audio X - Spider Pig - ASR Free
Statik - Got A Feeling (Darren Styles Mix) - Northwest
Brisk and V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D. - Eyeopener 2007 - Next Generation
TC - More Time - Whojamaflip
Brisk and Vinylgroover - Freedom 2 Dance (Triple J Mix) - Next Generation
Select - Ray of Light - The World of Obsession
Sy and Demo - Dreadland (Remix) - Quosh
Ham, Demo and Justin Time - Here I Am - Just Another Label Premium
Slipmatt and Eruption - Sunshine - White label
Demo - You're Mine (Slipmatt Remix) - Universal
Ravers Choice 6 (Hey Jude)
Force and Styles - Field of Dreams - UK Dance
Sy and Demo - Sensation - Quosh
Force and Styles featuring MC Junior - Pacific Sun - UK Dance

That link again is (Left click to download)

Like what you hear? Download more of my mixes right here!

All questions, comments, death threats, challenges to battle to the death, free mexican food, and naked pictures of your girlfriends can be sent to:

Purerave: dj_saiyan

Also don't forget to check out CHC Radio featuring myself and the other members of the Canadian Hardcore Collective every Thursday from 7-9 PM EST only on

And if that isn't enough, check out our past show archives at

And speaking of the CHC, check out our website!

Not too much else to say here. Enjoy the mix, hope you all have good luck finding something else to do tomorrow night, and bacon is life. Thank you.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Dont forget people, while you are here, go sign up for our forums for even more up to date and personalized interaction!



On Saturday November 15th, 2008 Sigma & Dynamic bring Buffalo back to the days of HARDCORE with:


A hardcore party of epic size, in a intimate setting! FREE CD giveaways, and much more! PLUR & ROAR in effect! THIS IS A 21+ EVENT-ID IS A MUST! Bring good vibes, good friends and good times!



Saiyan [Toronto]

BREAKING! Police everywhere on the look out for a man known only as "Saiyan;" charges include assault with music harder than you can handle, inciting a riot, and stealing D-Minus' hat! Should be considered hardcore and dangerous!

Dynamic [Everywhere]

Looking for some positive news? Look no further - it doesn't get much happier than this!

George (Who Spins Records) [Toronto]

Health and Fitness: This just in - one shot of jager a day improves mental capacity! Since George didn't start drinking til he was 19, he's got some serious catching up to do. Can YOU keep up? Film at 11! Or possibly 12! Actually probably 4:30 or so! On Tuesday!

Kix [Rochester]

Weather: Forecast is mostly hardcore with a chance of DnB; those going out for the night are urged to dress appropriately for stompin' choons!

Skye [Buffalo]

Lifestyle: Our resident chef is ready to serve up a hardcore salad with thin and crispy chicken and 0% trance fat; all the nutrients you need to rave harder!

Steeze [Buffalo]

Classifieds: S/W/M seeking fresh hardcore beats and the most upfront tunes to share with all comers!

9 Steeze
10 Skye
11 Kix
12 Dynamic
130 Saiyan
3 George WSR
4 Last call!

$5 before 11pm, $10 after, Drink specials and FUN FUN FUN!

To the Canadians coming down here- Bring as MUCH identification as you have for crossing the border. I know it seems a bit paranoid, but trust me, after my little debacle last night, I wouldn't take any risks.

As for how to get where you are going-

From Canada:

Peace Bridge
Entering United States (New York)
0.4 km
8. Continue on Peace Bridge Connector
1.3 km
9. Turn left at Baird Dr/Moore Dr/Peace Bridge Connector
30 m
10. Turn left at Porter Ave
0.7 km
11. Slight right to stay on Porter Ave
0.6 km
12. At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto North St
1.1 km
13. Turn right at Main St/RT-5
Destination will be on the right

0.3 km

OHM Ultra Lounge
948 Main St
Buffalo, NY 14202

From Rochester and all points east:

Take the I-90 W
Toll road
42.5 mi
6. Take exit 51W for State Hwy 33 W toward Buffalo
0.6 mi
7. Merge onto RT-33 W
6.3 mi
8. Exit onto Goodell St toward State Hwy 33 W
0.5 mi
9. Turn right at Main St/RT-5
Destination will be on the left
0.3 mi

OHM Ultra Lounge
948 Main St
Buffalo, NY 14202

From all points south of Buffalo(starting at pittsburgh):

Merge onto I-79 N
105 mi
5. Take exit 178A to merge onto I-90 E toward Buffalo
Partial toll road
Entering New York

94.1 mi
6. Take exit 53 to merge onto I-190 N toward Niagara Falls/Downtown Buffalo
5.5 mi
7. Take exit 7 to merge onto Church St
0.3 mi
8. Turn left at RT-5
43 ft
9. Continue on Delaware Ave/RT-384
0.2 mi
10. At Delaware Ave/Niagara Square, take the 4th exit and stay on Delaware Ave/RT-384
0.8 mi
11. Turn right at Virginia St
0.2 mi
12. Turn left at Main St/RT-5
Destination will be on the left

0.2 mi

OHM Ultra Lounge
948 Main St
Buffalo, NY 14202

Please understand a few things about the club as well- They are VERY against the 18+ Nature of this event so some liberties will be taken. You WILL be marked with a very large X on your hand with a marker. There will be ZERO tolerance for anyone underage that is caught with anything other than a bottle of water or glass of pop in their hands. Anyone bringing a bag with them, they will be subject to a search, no markers, no sharp objects, etc, you guys know what you can and cant bring with you.

Lodging questions for those who are coming in from out of town:

There are plenty of hotels in the area, some not so nice, but will be cheaper than the big ones downtown. Being a Saturday night, you may want to book in advance as they might be booked up. There are few relatively close hotels, check with either or one of the travel sites for something nearby.

Any more questions/concerns, feel free to PM me or Timmy on here, or you can email me directly at

Saturday, November 8, 2008

TONIGHT- TRR3- Toronto!

Total Request Rave 3!!!

No Topic

Total Request Rave 3 - Front

Total Request Rave 3 - Back

Toronto is home to many talented DJs, many fine promoters, and many excellent producers. But the one thing that truly sets Toronto's rave community apart as one of the world's best is YOU - the enthusiastic, passionate, PLURry, and downright amazing ravers who come together each event to build something special. We at NC and Embedded recognize how lucky we are to have such an incredible group of people around us, and that's why every year, we give you an event to truly call your own, putting YOU in charge of the music just like YOU are always in charge of the vibe.

Ravers... it's that time again!

On Saturday, November 8th, Nocturnal Commissions joins forces once again with Embedded Entertainment and YOU to put on the world's only fully-interactive rave experience - TOTAL REQUEST RAVE!!

If you were at the first two, you already know how - and why - this has rapidly become Toronto's favourite event, with ravers coming from all over the continent and performers from all across the globe to take part in this special experience. If you missed TRR 1 and 2, then this is your chance to find out what it's all about!

Enjoy a truly international lineup, with talented performers from all across the globe, including:

Vapour [UK] - Ever since "Goal!" Vapour has been looking forward to the chance to return to Toronto for another chance to party with our world class ravers, and we're excited to bring his extra-bouncy hardcore back to this side of the pond!

Garbo [UK] - Host of some of the best events in the UK, Garbo storms across the ocean with some of the most slammin' hard house you'll ever hear!

Opel - Our own DJ Opel is a crowd favourite around the world, and here's your chance to see why!

Mizz Lee b2b Lucy Ford - The First Ladies of Drum and Bass return once again to the NC stage!

Station - DJs Xofer and Opel are the world's foremost purveyors of lamp-shade wearing breaks!

Xphox - Toronto Hardcore's fast rising star, Xphox is ready to shake his bottom and make you shake yours!

The Buzz
- Fuzzboy and the Bliz, all in one go - can YOU handle it?!?

Tyco b2b Dave of the Rave
- Local legend Tyco reunites with NC's own Dave of the Rave to pour concentrated awesome all over the dancefloor!

Restricted Viewing
- The Brain Cell boys take the stage to lift your spirits with their own unique trance stylings!

Destructo - This Beat Rancher is off the range to rustle up some hard bangin' beats and herd them your way!

Trixie Firecracka - What do all the best Hard House songs have in common? They're in this Londoner's record bag!

Rolls Royce [USA] - American up and comer Rolls Royce is ready to celebrate the summer with proper hardcore choonage!

M@ - Local up and comer M@ has great music and long hair! Hey, it worked for Jim Morrison!

And as always, YOU will have your chance to choose the music, as Dynamic [USA] and George (Who Spins Records) once again take the stage to perform the songs you select!

We always go above and beyond to bring you creative, quality rave experiences, but we'll be honest - Total Request Rave is always our favourite event, and we're going to even further lengths to make this a night for the history books! What does that mean for you? It means:

- Free glowsticks for the first 300 attendees - use them to vote on the songs YOU want to hear during the TRR set! (And don't forget to give a couple of lightshows during the night, too!)
- Special limited edition CDs from DJ Opel and from DJ Dynamic for first time ravers AND the people who bring them! Bring a friend to get yours!
- Projection screens for our raviest voting yet!
- Fresh fruit and candy giveaways through the night to keep your energy up!
- TRIP, Happy Rave, and Robotpilot concession booths for all your extra raving needs!
- World class decor from our own Dream Builders, including the famous Kandielier!
- Totally epic lasers from Laserglow!
- Free facepainting!
- Discounted Early Bird tickets - just 20$ at Numb (250 Queen Street West) until October 1st! (25$ after and 30$ at the door)
- Our traditional Kandie Kontest with special prizes for the MOST kandied out raver, so go all out and dress your craziest!
- And most importantly of all: that one-of-a-kind, positively-intense, hot-like-the-sun-and-wet-like-the-rain, happiest-of-happy-hardcore Nocturnal Commissions vibe that YOU bring with you, to each and every one of our events!!! There ain't nothin' else like it, and it's all because of you!


Ravers - this is what we love, and this is what we live for! Get your whistles, grab your bracelets, and get ready to show the world - we are hardcore ravers, and the night belongs to us!

Josh the Funky One @OHM Friday November 14th!

Josh the Funky 1
It's the Music 2008 Tour
Friday Nov 14th 2008
@ OHM Ultra Lounge
948 Main st Buffalo,NY 14202
TweekNasty Added to the Lineup


Josh "The Funky 1" hails from Chicago, the home of House Music. A D.J. for over 12 years, Josh blends a unique style of funky house, tech-house and breaks, while incorporating ill-scratching and turntable tricks. Josh's passion for the art of DJing first came about when he discovered hip-hop while still in grade school. A fan of early pioneering hip-hop groups like Public Enemy, EPMD, Eric B. and Rakim, he was enthralled by the art of scratching. One day a friend lent Josh a videotape of a D.J. battle which unknowingly turned out to be a D.M.C. battle, the most renowned D.J. battle in the world. Mesmerized by what he saw could be done with 2 turntables and a mixer, Josh practiced and honed his skills relentlessly. His passion and persistence proved to be worthwhile, as he has since displayed his skills in some of the most prestigious D.J. battles in the world. 1997 saw Josh become a D.M.C Midwest Finalist. In 1999 he competed in the Winter Music Conference scratching competition where he was a runner up to 3-time world champion D.J. Craze. In 2000 Josh took 1st place in the beat-mixing competition at the Winter Music Conference D.J. spin-off. Aside from competing, Josh's passion for music has led him to compile several mix compilations including his own "House Funktion" series, which showcases his diverse music selection and wicked turntable skills. Josh has also helped co-produce legendary D.J. BadBoyBill's "Bangin the Box Vol. 4" and "Banging in London" mix compilations. As if his DJing accomplishments weren't enough, Josh has also had his hand in the studio producing tracks for the infamous Chicago labels I.H.R, Kid Dynamite, and Strictly Hype Recordings. His tracks have been featured on mix compilations and D.J. play lists throughout the world, further establishing his reputation as a D.J./Producer. Josh has also lent a hand in remixing Chicago's number one house diva, Dajae. Her first single on Kid Dynamite records entitled "Time" is an uplifting vocal anthem that has received Billboard attention and has since been licensed to Credence records in the U.K. Most Recently Josh has remixed Dajae's newest single "Everyday," also on Kid Dynamite records and already licensed to Defected Records U.K. However, "The Funky 1" is not one to be content with only producing records for other labels. In 2001, "The Funky 1" will present his own record label, Funktion Recordings. The first release "Everybody Everywhere" by BSJ and Fun-K is sure to find its way into the record boxes of D.J.'s worldwide. When not in the studio or running his label, Josh is constantly touring the world bringing his sound and skills together for the masses. Be on the look out for Josh "The Funky 1" in your area soon!

Thursday, November 6, 2008





With a series of best-selling 'Prototype' mix CDs under his belt, a Saturday night show on Radio 1, a name as the first to be resident at both Cream and Ministry of Sound, an ongoing monthly New York gig as well as his own club night in London, Seb Fontaine clearly belongs among the elite of international Djs.

But elitism is not in Seb Fontaine's vocabulary. In fact, you could argue that the reason the 31 year old Londoner has come so far (apart from excellent taste in music and deft spinning skills, of course) is by nature of his affability, modesty and sense of perspective. "We watch plastic go round," is how he describes the DJ's job. "Alright, it's slightly more than that, but I just feel that if you separate yourself from clubbers - if you become so much more important than they are - how can you understand what they want and how can you be part of it?"

It's a rhetorical question: Seb has been a part of it for fifteen years now. His career choice may not seem surprising when you allow that he was conceived on the island of Ibiza, to a French restauranteur and a sojourning English woman. But the boy they christened Jean Sebastian Fontaine claims that "I never decided to be a DJ." Born and raised in west London, his heroes were Chelsea Football Club (his son's middle name is Stamford) and the bands of the 2-Tone label. To this day, he claims that "If I could swap being a DJ now to be in Madness, I would."

That opportunity never arose. Instead, a teenage Seb talked his way into a gig at Hammersmith Town Hall on the lie that he'd already DJ'd "loads of times," after which he landed a regular slot at Crazy Larry's on the Kings Road where, like many of his peers, he played old soul and funk alongside new American hip-hop. From there it was onto The Fridge in Brixton, and The Wag in Soho, along with the occasional warehouse party where "If the promoter hadn't run away with a couple of strippers before you finished your set, you were lucky."

As the British rave scene exploded toward the end of the 80s, Seb was at all the clubs, but tucked away in the back rooms, still playing rap. His epiphany? "Walking into the main room one day and hearing A Guy Called Gerald's 'Voodoo Ray' and thinking, 'What the hell is this record? It's unbelievable.'" He also noted the difference in audience. "UK hip-hop went through a moody stage at one point. You'd be DJing and instead of people dancing it would be crews of guys hugging the walls. And I would just spend more and more time in the house room where there'd be girls dancing on the speakers and semi-naked people swinging from the chandeliers. And I was thinking 'This is where I want to be, I want to be here’.

Given how many DJs were undergoing a similar conversion, Seb's progress into the house rooms was gradual: gigs at Subterania with Jeremy Healey and Norman Jay, a residency at The Cross, guest slots where he could get them. And finally, alongside DJing and promoting partner Craig Richards, his own Saturday night at the Hanover Grand in central London under the club name Malibu Stacey. At which point it all came together. Seb and Craig found themselves with the hottest night in town. And it lasted almost four years.

Malibu Stacey was relentlessly glamorous, refreshingly exuberant, and Fontaine played appropriately optimistic house music to match. Yet while the night put his name on the map, it also typecast him. "For a long time I got tarred with this 'glam house' brush. It's just what everyone was doing. It was trannies and feather boas. It took a long time to shake that moniker." He did so the only way he knew how, by working his way out of it. A residency at Ministry of Sound's 'Frisky' night certainly helped; then, when Paul Oakenfold abdicated his spot at rival night Cream up in Liverpool, Fontaine's name was put forward as replacement. The offer was too good to turn down, and Seb became the first DJ to claim both 'super clubs' as home turf.

Not surprisingly, other opportunities quickly sprung forth. Seb took a radio gig on Britain's dance station Kiss FM, began playing Ibiza, burned up and down the British motorways on weekend nights, and moved into mix CDs. He's done a couple of best-sellers for Cream, but came into his own with the 'Prototype' series released by Global Underground, which gave him his own 'resident' CD status rather than 'guesting' for other brands. Over four increasingly popular 'Prototype' releases, Seb built a global audience by balancing the appealingly commercial vocal with the resolutely underground instrumental.

Still, by the time of the fourth double mix, "I ended up thinking, how many Prototypes can you do before you have the finished article?" Similarly, he was becoming frustrated by dance music's household acceptance. "Clubbing was getting so big and so popular and so brand-led we were in the danger of being on the back of cornflake packets," he says. For a while, "It just felt like you were expected to play the standard ten tunes everywhere you went. And if you didn't, the DJ after you would play them and would be the hero while you were the villain."

Fortunately, circumstances allowed Seb to reposition himself. Radio 1 hired him away from Kiss, initially to fill in for other Djs and for road trips, and then for a prestigious Saturday night slot from 7 pm-9 pm. (The show attracts almost a million UK listeners, is syndicated in five countries, and is available all week on the Radio 1 web site.) He quit Cream at the end of last year, which has allowed him to engage in more international travel, and that in turn has widened his musical perspective and opened his ears.
Seb now has a monthly New York gig with Subliminal Sessions, while he has returned to The Cross in London to launch his own monthly night Type. "It holds all the ethics that I hold important about dance music at the moment," he enthuses. "It's a club that holds 1000 people. And it's all split up. Low ceiling, great sound." Guests have included Timo Maas, Slam, Circulation, the key figures in what Fontaine calls "A new sound coming through, like electro and house married, really dark sounding but very exciting too. . Clubbing is meant to be fun. It doesn't need to be a sell-out but there needs to be some energy."

A similar mindset governs his radio show, for which Seb understands how fortunate he is to be with the BBC. "You're essentially federal employees, and basically you're given a white paper that says Play Good Music. We have no commercials, we have no sponsors, we're not dictated to. You're not told where you should be putting anything other than the fact you're chosen for your ability and told to do what you do. Being with the BBC is a fantastic opportunity to put forward where you think music should be going."
While involved in the occasion club cut as either Cequenza (for the "bigger sounding tracks") or Sizzlak (for the "funky house music"), Seb has shied away from remixing opportunities, both to avoid becoming jaded by overexposure and because he's a family man. He and his wife/agent Vanessa are expecting their second child in July 2002, which will mean even less sleep than usual for several more months. "Sometimes I feel like I'm walking a tightrope," Seb admits, "but it seems to work."

It does. And if you want to know why it works, just listen to him talk. This is a man who knows his music, appreciates his job, but best of all, understands his audience. "For every person who says 'clubbing was better five years ago,' there's someone new coming into it who will remember last Saturday like we remember 1990," says Seb. "Everyone has their time and place. Everyone has their moment - a year or two when everything is the most exciting thing in the world. And that's cool. As a DJ, you've got to try to help people have their moment all the time."



LEVEL Nightclub
75 W Chippewa St
Buffalo, NY 14202

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well this is it! The final countdown until the big election! Soon enough, you all will be making an incredibly important decision - you'll be choosing what songs you want to hear at Total Request Rave 3!!!!!

(Also voting for Barack Obama :D )

Song suggestion has CLOSED on the Nocturnal Commissions site - your suggestions are now being pulled together into a comprehensive list which we will winnow down to just a few for YOU to vote on at the event!

Our friends at Embryon are throwing their annual hardcore event the same night as Total Request Rave this year. Rather than compete, we've decided to work out an arrangement that will enable the hardcore lovers out there to attend both events.

Admission to Embryon is 10$. Door price for TRR is 30$ - but if you purchase a ticket for Embryon, you'll receive a discount on your TRR door price equivalent to the price of your Embryon ticket. Simply show your Embryon stamp at the door when you head over to TRR and we'll take the 10$ you spent on Embryon right off your ticket price, enabling you go to two parties for the price of one!

Every year, our events build on each other until they culminate in the epicosity that is Total Request Rave. There isn't any other experience like it in the world (we've actually checked on this, lol). To top it off, we go all out on every aspect of the production of this event. Now that the date is close, I can let you know to expect:

- a MASSIVE laser system (yes THAT laser!)
- Dual projection screens for visuals and voting
- Hundreds of free glowsticks
- new CD release from Dave of the Rave, "Mass Hysteria"
- Limited Edition TRR CDs for new ravers and the people who bring them from Dynamic and Opel
- The world's ONLY interactive raving experience
- Top notch decor from the NC Dream Builders
- Top musical talent from start to finish
- And most important of all, YOU!

When George and I started NC almost 4 years ago, we did it because we freaking love Happy Hardcore and raving, and we did it because we wanted to throw parties that focused on creating a truly special vibe. As we've added people to our cast of characters over the years, we've made sure that we've only chosen people who truly believe in that. Nobody in NC makes money off of this - in fact, everybody involved in the company has sacrificed a lot, time after time, to make these events come together.

We work hard to ensure that when you walk into one of our events, you know immediately that you aren't at just another party. Each and every one of you is part of our family of ravers, and each and every one of you is part of making something special happen at all of our events.

This weekend is NOT going to be a party. This weekend is going to be a rave. You'll hug strangers. You'll trade kandie. You'll have long conversations about the most random things. You'll meet people from the strangest places. You'll listen to ridiculous music with ridiculous lyrics at ridiculous speeds. You'll dance. You'll live. You'll love. You'll rave.

And we'll do it together.

From all of us at Nocturnal Commissions - we love you all, and we can't wait to see you this weekend. Happy rave. <3