Friday, September 26, 2008


anyone who wants events posted, sans replies, send them to me; and I will make sure they are up here as well as the forums( look to your lower right).

there will be ZERO bs in event threads, as well as on here (the temporary main page) where events will be posted with flyers a week in advance so anyone can see them.

for those who wonder who will see this site, not to worry. this and the sister site will be posting events on time every week, and will be very well publicized in the WNY area.

any questions, feel free to post on the new forums or email me at

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well, like it says to the right, this is the TEMPORARY home for wnysor-2. Eventually the site will host not only electronic music information but any kind of music going on in the greater western new york area, (yes, even you rochester lol). 

I hope to build a site that will host individual dj/artist pages (fully editable and controllable by the artist), Club/Venue pages (same deal as the artist pages) and from that point bring in event photography, to be hosted here. 

In addition, I am going to work with local promotions teams/concert promoters, to get tickets and merch to be given away through the site. 

Now I know some of the original wnysor people will balk at the idea of incorporating non electronic music into a site that is pretty much named for "raving/electronic music", and for that I do apologize, but I not only named it "wnysor-2" to encompass the rave aspect, but also to kind of show that the next generation is moving in a more wide open direction. 

Well, thats it for now, hopefully we are starting something positive here and can help try to sustain and further an already amazing Buffalo music scene!

Thanks for checking us out-