Wednesday, October 8, 2008

On Saturday November 15th, 2008 Sigma & Dynamic bring Buffalo back to the days of HARDCORE with:


A hardcore party of epic size, in a intimate setting! FREE CD giveaways, and much more! PLUR & ROAR in effect! THIS IS A 21+ EVENT-ID IS A MUST! Bring good vibes, good friends and good times!



Mannik5000 [Toronto]

Entertainment: Toronto's DJ Mannik has made waves across the globe in the realms of both music and video. You don't want to miss the man behind the Crocodile Aligator video making his triumphant return to Buffalo to tear up the decks with his trademark blend of all things hardcore!

Saiyan [Toronto]

BREAKING! Police everywhere on the look out for a man known only as "Saiyan;" charges include assault with music harder than you can handle, inciting a riot, and stealing D-Minus' hat! Should be considered hardcore and dangerous!

Dynamic [Everywhere]

Looking for some positive news? Look no further - it doesn't get much happier than this!

George (Who Spins Records) [Toronto]

Health and Fitness: This just in - one shot of jager a day improves mental capacity! Since George didn't start drinking til he was 19, he's got some serious catching up to do. Can YOU keep up? Film at 11! Or possibly 12! Actually probably 4:30 or so! On Tuesday!

Kix [Rochester]

Weather: Forecast is mostly hardcore with a chance of DnB; those going out for the night are urged to dress appropriately for stompin' choons!

Skye [Buffalo]

Lifestyle: Our resident chef is ready to serve up a hardcore salad with thin and crispy chicken and 0% trance fat; all the nutrients you need to rave harder!

Steeze [Buffalo]

Classifieds: S/W/M seeking fresh hardcore beats and the most upfront tunes to share with all comers! 

9 Steeze
10 Skye
11 Kix
12 Dynamic
1 Mannik5000
2 Saiyan
3 George WSR
4 Last call!

$5 before 11pm, $10 after, Drink specials and FUN FUN FUN!

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