Thursday, October 16, 2008

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That's right. The one, the only, legendary MAD PROFESSOR will make his first-ever appearance in our fair city.

One of the few responsible for the creation of DUB music, he will be performing LIVE on his own 24-channel mixing board, with the infamous Susan Cadogan on vocals. This is true DUB/Reggae at its finest.

A rare treat, and a blessing to all. Get your tickets early.. This one is NOT to be missed.


When Mad Professor (Neil Fraser) started his 4 track studio in the front room of his home in 1980, he couldn't have known that his passion would explode into a two hundred plus record label (Ariwa Records). Referred m to by Melody Maker in London as " the biggest black owned studio complex in Britain".

Indeed, Ariwa Sounds now boasts and impressive 24 track studio with a superb track record of producing such artists as Sade, The Beastie Boys, Massive Attack, The Orb, Lee ' Scratch' Perry, Macka B., Twinkle Brothers, JC Lodge, and U Royjust to name a few. Most recently, Mad Professor has been busy mixing and producing tracks for The Boom, Depeche Mode, Jamiroqui, Rancid, KLF, and Perry Farrel (Jane's Addiction).

Born in Guyana, South America, Neil Fraser was nicknamed Mad Professor by school friends because of his interest in electronics. It was this same interest that help him to start his own recording studio, by first building his own mixer, echo and effects machines. It is no surprise that this interest coupled with his love for Motown, Philadelphia, Treasure Island and music of all types have propelled him into the artist that he is today.

As United Kingdoms most formidable reggae producer and dub mix master, Mad Professor's genius lies in his ability to use computers and modern techniques, to produce dub tracks that sound and feel like roots and culture.

Always an innovator in an ever growing genre. Mad Professor continues to blow away audiences worldwide, with his live dub performances. Creating, mixing, and captivating the audience while his DJ's and singers perform on stage. Mad Professor has become what NOW Magazine in Toronto Canada calls "The high tech leading light in reggae-dub innovation. "

Through the nineties Mad Professor gained momentum globally. Touring South America, North America, Japan, Africa, and Europe, including Moscow's first dub show playing to an audience of 6,000. On top of a heavy touring schedule Mad Professor has and continues to work various major labels such as Sony Music, EMI, Arista, Warner Brothers, Capital Record, and Virgin Records. The Ariwa Sound Studio with it's unique and easily identifiable by the professor's Dubtronic, electronica mixes fuses in with base and drum sound.

w/ special guests
DJ UNIVERSAL (dub/reggae)
BIG BASHA (dubstep)


110 pearl St. Buffalo NY
Doors/Show 930pm . 18+


Brought to you by




“So Fresh, So Clean” could be the perfect title for Steve Porter. It can easily describe his personality, his look and more importantly his music. 2003 was another banner year for the boy wonder with his big time single “Definite Form” and his now classic remix of Amber’s “Anyway”. Adding to that his underground side projects Agent 001, HDF & Bons and his looming artist album, his music sees huge support across the spectrum of DJs from Sasha & John Digweed to Carl Cox to Mark Farina and Derek Carter.

Something of a child prodigy from a famous father, but his first love & choice was always music. Discovering electronic sounds at 16 years old, Steve dove deeply into it all. Along with his mother, he loaded on decks and studio gear to start learning the art of DJing and productions. When some tracks fell into Chris Fortier’s hands, it really started moving. Support quickly followed from so many of Steve’s DJ heroes. Many labels from around the globe took notice of Steve’s talent and the remix offers started pouring in with most recently the next single from Iio called “Smooth”.

Steve has now made a huge mark with his techno edged house productions. His studio work was only one facet of Steve’s two prong attack. His DJing is where he really rocks the funky beats. His move to New York City from Boston has only put more fuel to the fire. Along with dates across the country and tours with Sasha (Airdrawndagger Tour), Sander Kleinenberg (Essential Mix Tour) and Chris Fortier, Steve is in demand from Tokyo to Tampa. With over 20 remixes to his credit, his Agent 001 & HDF & Bons projects busting down doors, he is leading way for the next wave of America’s future stars.


236 Delaware Ave
Buffalo, NY 
Phone   854-2853


? events and Factory nightlife present...

BAD BOY BILL - btd (Americas favorite house dj)
with ALEX PEACE (dj / mc set)

Dj lil joe
Dj Devious
Search n4 gunz
dj Sigma
Dj Beloved
Dj Influence
Jesse Aaron
Cory Downey

and more....

* 1 HELL OF A PARTY!!!!!

Mademoiselles (Yes.. But it's not a Gentlemans Club on this Night)
777 Aero Drive (near Transit Road)
Cheektowaga, NY

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Rave!

Hey all! I'm making my first post here at what we hope is the ironically named "The Scene is Dead" blog, and I'm glad to be a part of it.

Why "The Scene is Dead?" You've heard people say it; you may even have said it yourself. I've been hearing it for the entirety of my 6 years of raving, in fact - though it's never once stopped the raves from happening.

The simple fact of the matter is, raving is not now, was not then, and is not going to be dead. What has happened is a loss of focus, a loss of drive, and a loss of interest, to greater or lesser extent in various areas. We will be touching on these topics in greater detail in the weeks and months to come, discussing their causes, their effects, and - most importantly - their solutions.

As my coblogger mentioned in the previous post, it is the people that are the core of our scene. This seems obvious at first, but I'm constantly surprised at how many people miss that. As with any similar subculture, you go for the music - but you stay for the people. Luckily, raving is blessed with some of the best people on the planet. We're hardly perfect, but there's a reason I've chosen to associate with all of you instead of the many other subcultures I could have signed on with. And I'm sure the same is true for each of you. After all, you're still here.

At its core, raving remains what it always was, and ravers are the same as they've always been. We're a sub culture that is inherently optimistic and genuinely passionate about our music and each other; this is not something that dies easily. Raving can be many things, but it is always an adventure, and I'm looking forward to sharing the adventure with you all for many years to come.

Until next time - happy rave!


The scene is NOT dead! The people however....

Well, the site is officialy named! Welcome to! We hope to showcase just the opposite, highlighting some of the more under the radar events in the area, and getting exposure out there for artists who just cant seem to catch a break in the one horse town that is Buffalo. 

The scene is definitely far from dead, and to be honest never died. Things took a major backburner in this area due to people playing favorites, cliques, and just general sketchy behavior. This goes for ALL types of music, not just electronica. 

Far too many good artists dont get the chance to showcase their talents around here because they arent friends with the right people, or they dont have the right look, or the clubs where they could get some exposure are just far too closed-minded about trying new things.

Nightclubs like LEVEL and QUOTE have stepped up in recent months, allowing mainstream electronica acts to play in their clubs from the SUDOKU events. And we have even seen a rave at a strip club, with another following this Saturday featuring Bad Boy Bill.

I will give a TON of credit to "MNM Presents" for really taking a step in the right direction with their events, bringing in some of the freshest talent, to some of the best venues in the area. I do have to take a stab at the "people" that attend their events though.

Since when did going out become more about wearing the most retarded clothing you could find in your mothers closet, the thrift store down the street, and rifling through some dead person's garbage? These "hipsters" or "glamorous" people are part of the downfall of the scene in Buffalo. 

Case in point- DJ Tittsworth played an event at the Soundlab this past Saturday. When I walked up to the door, I was astounded at the amount of people outside just hanging out. Even more shocking was when I went inside to see the place packed to the gills. The music was amazing, the sound was great, awesome visual displays, but there was one major downfall- The crowd. These kids were all about looking and acting as if they had all just escaped from a local metal ward on costume day. I've seen this crap before. We did it ourselves at one point but never really pushed it into the mainstream. They were called "clubkids". Showcased in the movie about Michael Alig "Party Monster". 

Every generation seems to have their useless group of people who want nothing more than to draw attention to themselves, but at the same time complain when you make fun of them. However for some un-godly reason, this nonsense is becoming the norm, while celebs and musicians have been doing this for years (trying to draw attention to themselves), now it is popping up in suburban America, shopping malls and obviously night clubs.

I guess I kind of got off on a tangent here, but truthfully, the scene is and always will be about the people. If these are the people that make up the scene, then maybe it truly is dead.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

On Saturday November 15th, 2008 Sigma & Dynamic bring Buffalo back to the days of HARDCORE with:


A hardcore party of epic size, in a intimate setting! FREE CD giveaways, and much more! PLUR & ROAR in effect! THIS IS A 21+ EVENT-ID IS A MUST! Bring good vibes, good friends and good times!



Mannik5000 [Toronto]

Entertainment: Toronto's DJ Mannik has made waves across the globe in the realms of both music and video. You don't want to miss the man behind the Crocodile Aligator video making his triumphant return to Buffalo to tear up the decks with his trademark blend of all things hardcore!

Saiyan [Toronto]

BREAKING! Police everywhere on the look out for a man known only as "Saiyan;" charges include assault with music harder than you can handle, inciting a riot, and stealing D-Minus' hat! Should be considered hardcore and dangerous!

Dynamic [Everywhere]

Looking for some positive news? Look no further - it doesn't get much happier than this!

George (Who Spins Records) [Toronto]

Health and Fitness: This just in - one shot of jager a day improves mental capacity! Since George didn't start drinking til he was 19, he's got some serious catching up to do. Can YOU keep up? Film at 11! Or possibly 12! Actually probably 4:30 or so! On Tuesday!

Kix [Rochester]

Weather: Forecast is mostly hardcore with a chance of DnB; those going out for the night are urged to dress appropriately for stompin' choons!

Skye [Buffalo]

Lifestyle: Our resident chef is ready to serve up a hardcore salad with thin and crispy chicken and 0% trance fat; all the nutrients you need to rave harder!

Steeze [Buffalo]

Classifieds: S/W/M seeking fresh hardcore beats and the most upfront tunes to share with all comers! 

9 Steeze
10 Skye
11 Kix
12 Dynamic
1 Mannik5000
2 Saiyan
3 George WSR
4 Last call!

$5 before 11pm, $10 after, Drink specials and FUN FUN FUN!

Monday, October 6, 2008