Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well this is it! The final countdown until the big election! Soon enough, you all will be making an incredibly important decision - you'll be choosing what songs you want to hear at Total Request Rave 3!!!!!

(Also voting for Barack Obama :D )

Song suggestion has CLOSED on the Nocturnal Commissions site - your suggestions are now being pulled together into a comprehensive list which we will winnow down to just a few for YOU to vote on at the event!

Our friends at Embryon are throwing their annual hardcore event the same night as Total Request Rave this year. Rather than compete, we've decided to work out an arrangement that will enable the hardcore lovers out there to attend both events.

Admission to Embryon is 10$. Door price for TRR is 30$ - but if you purchase a ticket for Embryon, you'll receive a discount on your TRR door price equivalent to the price of your Embryon ticket. Simply show your Embryon stamp at the door when you head over to TRR and we'll take the 10$ you spent on Embryon right off your ticket price, enabling you go to two parties for the price of one!

Every year, our events build on each other until they culminate in the epicosity that is Total Request Rave. There isn't any other experience like it in the world (we've actually checked on this, lol). To top it off, we go all out on every aspect of the production of this event. Now that the date is close, I can let you know to expect:

- a MASSIVE laser system (yes THAT laser!)
- Dual projection screens for visuals and voting
- Hundreds of free glowsticks
- new CD release from Dave of the Rave, "Mass Hysteria"
- Limited Edition TRR CDs for new ravers and the people who bring them from Dynamic and Opel
- The world's ONLY interactive raving experience
- Top notch decor from the NC Dream Builders
- Top musical talent from start to finish
- And most important of all, YOU!

When George and I started NC almost 4 years ago, we did it because we freaking love Happy Hardcore and raving, and we did it because we wanted to throw parties that focused on creating a truly special vibe. As we've added people to our cast of characters over the years, we've made sure that we've only chosen people who truly believe in that. Nobody in NC makes money off of this - in fact, everybody involved in the company has sacrificed a lot, time after time, to make these events come together.

We work hard to ensure that when you walk into one of our events, you know immediately that you aren't at just another party. Each and every one of you is part of our family of ravers, and each and every one of you is part of making something special happen at all of our events.

This weekend is NOT going to be a party. This weekend is going to be a rave. You'll hug strangers. You'll trade kandie. You'll have long conversations about the most random things. You'll meet people from the strangest places. You'll listen to ridiculous music with ridiculous lyrics at ridiculous speeds. You'll dance. You'll live. You'll love. You'll rave.

And we'll do it together.

From all of us at Nocturnal Commissions - we love you all, and we can't wait to see you this weekend. Happy rave. <3

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